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5 Things to buy in kolhapur

Kolhapuri Chappals:

Kolhapuri is famous for its iconic open toe, T-strap sandals. These are handcrafted leather slippers which are locally tanned using vegetable dyes. This kind of sandals are made using primal hard materials and made to be extremely durable. Its ethnic design means that they make a decent fashion statement too.

Kolhapur Sarees:

Another thing Kohalpur is famous for is its Sarees. What makes its sarees unique is its rich vibrant colours and ethnic design. These sarees were made famous by Bollywood actresses who adorned them in popular films.


Jewellers in Kolhapur blend exquisite artisanship with religious figurines to come up with its iconic ‘saaj.' Families in Kolhapur have been practicing this trade for generations. The saaj is a traditional Maharashtrian necklace. While traditionally, it had 21 leaves, in recent times, the more contemporary versions have 10-12 leaves. Nevertheless, the ‘saaj’ is a unique piece of Kolhapur's tradition and is a perfect memorabilia from a trip to Kolhapur.

Kolhapuri Masala:

In an earlier post, we had gone in detail into Kolhapur's unique cuisine and how it has been ably supported by the famous Kolhapuri Masala. So before heading back home, it won’t be a bad idea to pack some of those amazing spices. It is easy to spot a shop selling Kolhapuri masala in the city. Moreover, it has diversified a lot over the years, and now there is a wide array of different blend of spices ranging from one with a hint of chutney to something that is tailor made to cook mutton.


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